Claudius: "I DO BESEECH YOU..."


“William Jessop’s fabulous documentary… is a triumph for the cast, for BBC Three, and for everyone involved in this life-enhancing project” DAVID CHATER, The Times

“Jealousy, the search for true love, overcoming our fears; it’s all within this tight one-hour doc, which is a pitch-perfect piece of storytelling. The big, important question is: how does it all end for the Blue Apple Theatre group at their final big show in London? We wouldn’t want to ruin the ending, but it hardly feels like a gigantic spoiler to say that it’s an inspirational conclusion and that a defiant fist-in-the-air moment from one of the actors will most probably have you in tears.” ALEX FLETCHER, Digitalspy

“Very Hollywood” KEITH WATSON, Metro


Tommy and William were the subject of a fantastic interview feature for the Independent by Jeremy Wright.

Tommy and William also went on BBC Breakfast!

Wij and Tob on BBC Breakfast!


The reaction on Twitter was phenomenal. For a list of tweets, scroll down @hamletisinlove

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